Shipping Estimates

We deal directly with the shipping agent here in Japan, which keeps the cost of RoRo shipping low. Shipping prices fluctuate like exchange rates and are based on the total cubic dimensions of the vehicle, a CIF Estimator is available to registered members.

We also arrange container shipping to many destination throughout the world where RoRo shipping is not available.

Please feel free to Contact Us for an estimate.

Vehicle Storage

All cars are stored in a secure facility at the port ready for export on the next available ship.

All high end cars are stored under cover at no extra charge!

Long term storage can be arranged if waiting for it to mature:-)


Some countries, like Kenya, require an inspection of the vehicle to be carried out before the vehicle is shipped.

These inspections are referred to as either JEVIC, JAAI or MOZ inspections depending on the country. They are usually less than US$300.

Shipping Times

Our cars are always shipping on the next available ship. Shipping times differ depending on destination. Vancouver, for example is around 15 days, whereas Melbourne is more like 23 days and Bremerhaven 45 days.

Ships depart to most destinations once per month, some destinations twice per how long you have to wait for your vehicle to arrive depends on the shipping companies schedule.

We can easily find out this information closer to the shipping departure time.

Shipping Insurance

Basic Shipping Insurance is available from ¥8,500. This covers total loss only in the case of sinking for example.

Premium insurance is also available and depends on the value of the vehicle, this will cover any damage during transport and shipping....we can supply a quote at any time.